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Want a healthy mind and body?

Want a healthy mind and body? Start with a healthy smile.

The decision to improve our health typically starts with a new diet or a membership to a gym, but more and more, we’re finding that the mouth would also be a good place to start. Many Americans are currently suffering from gum (periodontal) disease and don’t realize it. Even more people fail to realize a […]

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Listen to Your Body

Alright guys, this is important. You really need to listen to your body because it’s usually right and it’s trying to prevent you from getting hurting or sick. I need to clear up one huge thing first though. Listening to your body does not mean listening to the lazy voice in your head.  I will […]

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Shock Your Body

Most of us exercise around the same time every day, whether you’re a morning, after work, or even on your lunch break type of person. Whatever works for you or allows you to fit it in is great; each time has its own benefits. Some like to rev their metabolisms first thing in the morning […]

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Hold Each Other Accountable

This is about the time when the gym finally begins to empty out as the weather gets colder and New Year’s resolutions take the back burner to all the other things you’d rather be doing with your numbered hours in the day. However, I’d be lying if I told you this made me terribly sad, […]

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Working Out – More Benefits Than You Ever Imagined

  We hear it all the time, “You need to exercise.” Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, lowers your risk for cancer, can lower high cholesterol, relieves stress, and it’s good for your heart. But did you know that working out regularly can have tremendous effects on your mental health and your mood? Or how […]

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