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Can I Wear My Old Retainer?

Let’s say it mal-uh-kloo-zhun. That’s  malocclusion – it’s the word that dentists use to describe the misalignment of teeth. When your dentist notices this, they recommend you see an orthodontist, who will then determine if you need braces or another orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. Our blog receives many questions about braces, retainers and […]

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Ask an Orthodontist: Can I Wear A Retainer While Playing Sports?

The Smile Generation connects you with great dentists and orthodontists, like our regular “Ask an Orthodontist” contributor, Dr. Ron Maddox. This week’s question comes from Laura Chavarria, who asked:” I just got my braces removed and am now wearing plastic retainers. I just wanted to know if it was okay to wear my retainer during sports […]

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