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On The Way to Healthy Gums

September is National Gum Care Month When you think about your oral health, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe a perfectly straight, pearly white, and cavity-free smile? But what about your gums? A rather shocking 64 million adults (47%) in the U.S have gum disease, and don’t even know since it’s […]

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The Link Between Holiday Weight Gain and Periodontitis Part 2: Diabetes and Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Research has increasingly shown a strong connection between oral health and overall health. Considering that more than 47% of adults in the U.S. have periodontal (gum) disease, the connection merits serious examination. That’s why we’re continuing to look at the link between gum disease, diabetes and diet. In part one of this series, we offered […]

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Your Holiday Diet and Diabetes: The Link Between Holiday Weight Gain and Periodontitis Part 1

The CDC reports that 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. With the holidays coming up, that’s 29 million people who need to be a lot more careful about their holiday eating. After all, they need to be careful with their diet every day of the year. People with diabetes also run a particular […]

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Want a healthy mind and body?

Want a healthy mind and body? Start with a healthy smile.

The decision to improve our health typically starts with a new diet or a membership to a gym, but more and more, we’re finding that the mouth would also be a good place to start. Many Americans are currently suffering from gum (periodontal) disease and don’t realize it. Even more people fail to realize a […]

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6 Signs that Gum Disease is Affecting Your Health!

What is your mouth telling you? Women’s health and the warning signs for gum disease. You brush. You floss. You’re practically the poster child for perfect dental hygiene. But you could still end up with gum disease—and that’s not good. Also known as periodontal disease, it’s basically a bacterial infection beneath the gum line that can affect […]

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Teeth Whitening

Importance of Dental Health During Pregnancy

Oral health is known to be a significant contributor to general health. Periodontal (gum) disease has been previously shown to affect other systems in the human body. Pregnancy brings about a greater importance on ensuring good oral health, as the individual is caring for the general health of multiple people. Mothers must take care to […]

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Ask a Dentist: How can I enhance my smile for my wedding day pictures?

So the saying goes:   “Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you will go.”  This week our question comes from a June Bride.  She emailed:  “I am getting married this summer and I haven’t been to a dentist in over a year, what can I expect when I visit the dentist? How can […]

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Ask A Dentist – What is Periodontal Disease?

This week,  someone asked our dentist:  “I was told that I couldn’t have a regular cleaning because I have periodontal disease. What is that? And what kind of cleaning can I have?”  Dr. Mallory, a Smile Generation-approved dentist, based in Arizona replied: Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection in the gums,which causes inflammation and loss […]

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