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Muscle – Your Secret Weapon

Everyone knows that eating healthy and working out are the two key factors in losing weight, but working out does not need to mean an hour on the treadmill that you despise. Believe it or not, the most powerful addition to your total body makeover is lifting weights. I know, I know, you don’t want […]

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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Without Worrying About Weight

We are just one week away from Thanksgiving, the biggest eating holiday of the year! For some people that thought may bring fear, for others it brings excitement. Whatever your situation, I have some recommendations for how to enjoy the holiday without feeling deprived or stuck in a food coma. First of all, try to […]

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Coping with Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. After all, what could be better than family, friends, parties, presents, and great food?  Then why do so many Americans report higher levels of stress and anxiety during November and December than any other months? Part of it has to do with how […]

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Working Out – More Benefits Than You Ever Imagined

  We hear it all the time, “You need to exercise.” Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, lowers your risk for cancer, can lower high cholesterol, relieves stress, and it’s good for your heart. But did you know that working out regularly can have tremendous effects on your mental health and your mood? Or how […]

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