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Healthy PB&J Sandwiches for Back to School Lunch

Easy-to-make lunch options for back to school and/or work By Jaclyn Taroc   When it’s hot outside, appetites tend to get a little more finicky. And this is true for kids and for adults, too! Coming up with what to bag for your everyday work lunch or for your kids’ back-to-school lunches can turn into […]

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Healthy Snack Ideas

Eating healthy can seem like a huge challenge. That’s because it is! Living in a place where ordering a combo off of the fast food menu is cheaper than buying a half dozen apples at the grocery store can make it pretty tough, and frustrating at that. When you think of grabbing a quick bite […]

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Coconut Oil Craze

If you haven’t heard of coconut oil then you must not read any health magazines, recipes, or go to the grocery store because it has seriously been popping up everywhere and everyone seems to be raving about it. Personally, I hate coconut, so I avoided this new health craze as long as I could, but […]

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