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An Excuse To Buy New Shoes

Running shouldn’t be painful. I know you’re thinking that’s a lie because running is the most painful thing ever, both mentally and physically, but I promise it shouldn’t be painful, at least not physically. I can’t necessarily disagree with the mental pain involved with running; I have my days. Some are excruciatingly boring; inflicting terrible […]

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Know Your Stats!

I basically never buy myself anything big, but my $10 watch from Target that survived years of lifeguarding on the beach, four marathons, and thousands of workouts over the years, finally died on me. I’d say I got my money’s worth out of that watch. I was going to just go buy the same one […]

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What’s Your Motivation?

Just because you hear it from me, or you are bombarded by the same message across every communication channel, does not mean you should want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If the reason you want to get in shape is because your significant other has made some more than subtle hints or your mother nags […]

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