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Stop Thumb Sucking Before it Causes a Trip to the Dentist for Your Child

Reasons why your child should avoid thumb sucking and ways to stop the habit once and for all, from The Smile Generation® Does your child suck his or her thumb? If the answer is yes, then read on as this information could affect your child and your finances in the near future. As parents, we […]

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Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Does Asthma Medication cause Cavities? and other questions

This edition of Ask a Dentist, features Pediatric Dentist Dr. Bobby Raber from Every Kid’s Dentist in Arizona, a member of the Smile Generation family. Take it away Dr. Raber… One of our Facebook followers, Laura Norton Baez asks: “My son has breathing treatments (xopenex and pulmicort) due to asthma. He is 3 and already […]

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