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Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Does Asthma Medication cause Cavities? and other questions

This edition of Ask a Dentist, features Pediatric Dentist Dr. Bobby Raber from Every Kid’s Dentist in Arizona, a member of the Smile Generation family. Take it away Dr. Raber… One of our Facebook followers, Laura Norton Baez asks: “My son has breathing treatments (xopenex and pulmicort) due to asthma. He is 3 and already […]

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Ask A Dentist: A child’s first visit to the dentist

Smile Generation dentist Dr. Charles Rodgers, DDS answers questions from our Facebook followers. Q. When should a child first see a dentist?  A. Typically for a general practitioner, the age is 3.  But if a parent sees something suspicious, they should get the child in sooner.  In cases like this, the child will usually end up being […]

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