Strength in Numbers

With Thanksgiving still fresh on the mind, take a minute to think of those people in your life who you love unconditionally and can’t live without. Yes, those same people you’d sometimes love to strangle; but out of love, of course. It’s those people we should all be thankful for year-round. I also want to encourage you to lean on them, rely on them, agree to hold each other accountable, and of course, show your love and appreciation. Whether they are your friends, family members, coworkers, or even your dog, use them to help keep you sane and fit during this next month.

We all know that this time of year can be overwhelming and make you want to scream. Rather than causing a scene by exploding at work or the mall, vent to that special someone and let them vent to you. After the venting session is over, it’s time to hit the pavement!
If you’re having trouble staying committed to a workout or nutrition plan, and having one crutch isn’t enough, join or create a small group of dedicated people and make a plan. Outline a meal plan for you all to follow so that when you look at the menu and want to cheat, you have a handful of people to hold you accountable and gain encouragement from. Also be sure to outline a fitness regimen, whether it’s as vague as committing to five workouts on your own per week, or meeting with all group members six days a week for an intense structured group sweat session. Knowing you have to be somewhere to meet others will make you actually show up no matter how bad you want to let all the little excuses take precedence.

You may be thinking that December is the worst month for something like this, but it’s not! I know this because I’m doing it. I even made my mom do it with me. Yep, we joined a group of girls who committed to five workouts per week, one of which is together, and a strict meal plan. Trust me, there will definitely be a few Saturday mornings where I would rather scrub the entire house with a toothbrush than go out in the cold to meet our group at 8 a.m. But knowing that my mom and the rest of the girls will be there is enough to get my butt in gear and show up ready to sweat.

As this hectic month begins, I urge you to gather your allies and commit to one another. Pledge to be there for each other when things get rough, drown your sorrows in them, not with the eggnog! And be there to hold each other accountable when it becomes easy to let holiday life get in the way of your healthy lifestyle.


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