Stay Fit While Away

If there’s one thing I’m extremely selfish about, it’s my schedule. I hate when something throws a curveball into my weekly routine. Sacrificing a workout for a work function, family gathering, friend’s birthday, or happy hour is sure to get me in a bad mood. So when I realized that all next week I have to be out of town for business, a wave of panic rushed over me. My pre-work spin class and after work sweat session would not be happening, and a week of eating out/catered food at the conference will certainly not help the situation. But after a few deep breaths I realized that I get to pack a suitcase full of whatever I want and the hotel will at least have a tiny gym. So I calmed down and started making a mental list of what I need to pack. Being out of town does not have to mean your healthy lifestyle gets kicked to the curb.

First things first; a resistance band can take the place of weights and provides numerous options for strength/resistance training, plus it is light and can be shoved into any crevice of even the most stuffed suitcase. Next, workout DVDs are also very convenient to travel with, they’re lightweight and can deliver an intense workout wherever you are (most hotel rooms should have DVD players, but if not, most people travel with a laptop these days so just pop it in there). A jump rope is also a great fitness tool to travel with for its size and shape. You just might need to take that activity outside so you don’t aggravate the occupants of the room below you and/or take out any ceiling lights, lamps, or decorations your room might have. Additionally, be sure to check out the onsite gym at your hotel, usually they are tiny and just have a couple treadmills and a few free weights, but hey, that’s better than nothing and you always have your DVDs to fall back on.

Now, for the food issue; this is a little rougher on me since I have food allergies that limit my options greatly. However, just do a little planning ahead of time. Don’t have the mentality that you’re on vacation so calories don’t count. I hate to break it to you, but that is never true. Luckily, these days most places seem to have a few somewhat healthier options. Don’t be fooled though, a lot of times things that sound healthier can be deceiving. For example, some salads can pack up to 1,000 calories! So just make conscious decisions, don’t be afraid to ask how something is prepared, and try to ask for sauces/dressing on the side. I personally tend to travel with some snacks or nonperishable options because my food options are not as vast as the normal person.
Some great things to pack are:
– dried fruit and nut baggies, cereal (gluten free for me)
– meal replacement/protein bars (again this is an easy way for me to ensure gluten and dairy free meals or snacks with nutritional substance)
– un-popped popcorn (if your room does not have a microwave often the front desk can pop it for you)
– oatmeal
– turkey jerky (try to find low sodium varieties)
– almond butter (either pack or buy apples upon arrival)
– once you arrive try to pick up some bananas, oranges, apples, and yogurt

So next time you find yourself stressing out about an upcoming trip because you don’t want to derail your healthy eating and strict workout regimen, you can take a deep breath and feel at ease again knowing all you have to do is pack these items and enjoy the getaway!

Photo credit: Hotel Casavelas on Flickr

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