It’s Not Just About The Candy!

halloween costume ideas and your health

Halloween Costume Ideas and Your Health

Candy is a natural concern for parents and dentists at Halloween. And you can find plenty of information here, here and here on our blog to help your kids (as well as yourself) maintain good oral health amidst the sugar-filled spoils of annual trick-or-treating.

But candy isn’t the only Halloween health concern. Kids’ Halloween costumes are causing a bit of a scare in a different way than you would normally expect.

Some masks are made from rubber and vinyl, which contains lead paint and chemical plasticizers that can be absorbed while being worn. Furthermore, some props, like fake vampire teeth, may produce an overbite that can cause difficulties when eating, as well as headaches and pain.

Don’t be scared! Just stay away from vinyl masks and look for ones made of paper maché, instead. You could even get creative and make your own! As for fake teeth, if you must wear them, play it safe—only wear them a few hours at a time and definitely don’t wear them while eating.

These are important issues to know about but easy issues to address and enjoy a safer, Happy Halloween!

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