Mouth Guards Will Keep Your Athletic Kids Smiling

Mouth Guards Will Keep Your Athletic Kids Smiling

It’s all fun and games until somebody chips a tooth. If you have kids in contact sports you may know what we mean. That’s why a mouth guard is a must for kids in sports like hockey, lacrosse, football, basketball or boxing. In fact, The American Dental Association reports the risk of injury is 1.6 to 1.9 times greater without a proper fitting mouth guard.(1)

There are three types of mouth guards available. Custom-made versions provide the most protection but are also more expensive. Mouth-formed (or “Boil-and-Bite”) are more cost-effective but tend to wear faster. Lastly, stock or commercial types are inexpensive but offer the least protection. While the cost of mouth guards varies, they generally cost less than extensive dental work.

3 types of mouth guards

But what if your kid is not wearing a mouth guard and has an accident? Here’s some helpful advice:

  1. An adult tooth should be rinsed briefly with cold water to remove any dirt. If you can, put it back in place. If that’s not possible, put it in a cup of milk or a special liquid like Hanks Balanced Salt Solution.
  2. If a baby tooth (a.k.a. primary tooth) is knocked out, DO NOT put it back in. Call your dentist to have them take a look.
  3. If a tooth gets pushed up into the gums, see your dentist as this can damage an adult tooth waiting to emerge.


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