Your Holiday Diet and Diabetes: The Link Between Holiday Weight Gain and Periodontitis Part 1

Your Holiday Diet and Diabetes

The CDC reports that 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. With the holidays coming up, that’s 29 million people who need to be a lot more careful about their holiday eating. After all, they need to be careful with their diet every day of the year. People with diabetes also run a particular risk for developing gum disease, which requires further daily care and attention. We’ll detail that connection more in part two of this series.

Diabetic or not, though, Thanksgiving is now literally just days away, and a strategy to stay on track diet-wise would be helpful for all of us. Here are some effective strategies to help you make some healthier choices throughout the holiday.

  1. Pre-party snacks. Don’t go to a holiday party hungry. Have some protein before you leave for a fuller filling.
  1. Eat your veggies first. Fill up on healthy food choices early and you’ll be less hungry—and less likely to overindulge—later.
  1. Keep track of your choices. Keep a food diary over the holidays and you’ll be more aware of daily choices. That can help you make better choices for the day ahead.
  1. WATER. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, plus it’s good for your teeth—especially if it’s fluoridated.
  1. Have a plan. Let’s say you’re driving over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, where you know she’ll have the best pie on the planet. Pass on the pre-packaged cookies and save the calories for the good stuff.
  1. Offset the extra calories with extra exercise. A holiday run before a holiday meal may just make you feel so good, you’ll eat healthier anyway.
  1. Finally, floss and brush right after the feast. There’s nothing like that minty fresh feeling in your mouth to keep you from going back to graze an hour after the meal!
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