Healthy Snack Ideas

Eating healthy can seem like a huge challenge. That’s because it is! Living in a place where ordering a combo off of the fast food menu is cheaper than buying a half dozen apples at the grocery store can make it pretty tough, and frustrating at that.

Healthy Snacks

Photo by Lori Olsen

When you think of grabbing a quick bite to eat, what do you think of? Getting fast food? A candy bar or a bag of chips? Instead of heading down that route, prepare yourself with some healthy snacks ahead of time. It’s definitely been a tough road for me, too, so I understand the look of disgust you’re giving me right now. But I think the more you learn and the more you educate yourself on what exactly all those ingredients are that are listed on that bag-of-whatever, the more you’ll want to bring your own snacks from home. A little preparation at the beginning of the week definitely goes a long way! I feel like every blog I’ve come across or any article I’ve read says the same thing about preparing for your week. A few healthy choices can lead to more healthy choices.

Some staple snack items for me are: bananas, carrot sticks, raw almonds (sometimes mixed with dried cranberries), sliced bell peppers, celery with natural peanut butter, and apples. A cool trick I just learned, and I’m probably pretty late to this game, is if you like slicing your apple ahead of time, squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the slices to help keep them from turning brown! Is that information a million years old? Probably. But I like it.

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?


About the Author:

Lori Olsen is a writer who enjoys traveling, and good food with good friends.


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3 Responses to “Healthy Snack Ideas”

  1. Great tips on how to keep eating healthy. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. You are definitely right, Lori. I need to start doing this myself. Dan is really good about eating healthy, especially at lunch. Your statements are so interesting, too. The apples with lemon juice does sound good and also celery with peanut butter. I do eat a lot of baby carrots but with ranch dressing, (too fattening).

  3. Great article…..good ideas to help make healthy choices.