Serving Families In Need

Serving Families in Need at The City Center of Ventura

Tawny and Greg had a difficult upbringing that eventually led down the path to drug addiction. When Tawny got pregnant, she knew she needed to change her life. She and Greg both decided to check into a drug treatment program, where they began the difficult process of breaking free of their addictions. Their little girl Sammy was immediately taken into foster care when she was born, strengthening their resolve to get well and get their daughter back. In stepped The City Center of Ventura, a program that offers housing to families who are experiencing homelessness and have nowhere else to go. The City Center provided a small one room apartment on their campus, where Greg and Tawny receive counseling and support services to equip them for success.

The Smile Generation met Greg and Tawny in April 2017 at The City Center while providing free dental care for their clients. They have been drug-free for over 18 months now, but because of their previous drug use, both had been suffering with tooth pain for years. In partnership with The Pacific Dental Services® Mobile Dental Clinic, Dr. Maral Khazali and Dr. James Guinn of Main Street Dental Group of Ventura were able to remove the troublesome teeth and relieve them of years of dental pain. Smile Generation volunteers cared for 29 other people like Greg and Tawny who are doing everything possible to change their lives, providing over $20,000 in donated dental services. The best part of our day, though, was seeing Greg, Tawny and their little girl Sammy together as a family, pain-free and excited about the future!

The City Center is a non-profit organization (501c3) based in Ventura, CA. committed to serving families who have experienced domestic violence or homelessness. The City Center offers housing to families, with a goal of transitioning the client out in a year. For more information please go to

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