Smile Generation Serve Day 2013 Successfully Donates More Than $2,000,000 Worth Of Free Dentistry

Serving Others Makes Us Smile

On Saturday, August 24, 2,700 Smile Generation®-trusted dentists and members opened up their hearts and their office doors to serve those in need.  More than 240 Smile Generation- trusted offices provided dental services such as exams, Digital X-rays, fillings, cleanings, extractions and restorations. When the day was over, and the dust cleared, over 1,600 patients had been served – that’s more than $2.4 MILLION DOLLARS of donated dentistry!



According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the United States, lack of access to dental care is becoming a widespread  problem across the nation due to geography (some states have just 65 dentists per 100,000 people) and financial setback (as many as 130 million Americans live without dental insurance coverage). Of course, The Smile Generation was set on doing something about this, and we succeeded!  We were able to serve patients from all over: community centers, abused woman and children shelters, churches and other local organizations, and the list goes on…



Here is a story from a Smile Generation-trusted dentist who served on Smile Generation Serve Day:

“During my consultation with one of the young ladies, she became extremely emotional discussing how she’d lost her job years ago and couldn’t afford dental care, though she was a regular patient beforehand. Since that time, three anterior teeth fractured, and she stated how she was ashamed of her smile, which held her back from work and social opportunities.

“We ended up doing two anterior composites, and a same-day delivery crown. The emotion she felt was passed on to who served her, and words could not express how grateful she was. She went on to say, ‘They’ve been asking me to sing at church, and I’ve declined because of my broken tooth. Tonight I’m going to sing my heart out though.’

“This is just one example, of a number of patients, which made the We Serve event so worth it. Today we changed lives.”  — Dr. Kevin Paige, Rancho Cordova Dental Group


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