How a Trip to Ethiopia Changed My Life

Smile Generation®-trusted dentist Dr. James Mallory, Jr. explains how a trip to Ethiopia to provide donated dentistry changed his viewpoint on life for himself, his staff and his daughter



Kalysta with baby EthiopiaServing the people of Ethiopia was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. Not only were we able to serve the people of Ethiopia, but I grew in so many ways as well. In the end, I felt as if it was I who benefited most of all. Moreover, I was able to share the experience with one of my most capable dental assistants; build my professional relationship with one of my most talented periodontists; and most importantly of all, it provided a major growth opportunity for the most vibrant young lady I know…my 12-year-old daughter!

It was such a blessing to be able to bring my young daughter on the trip. Together, we had an experience of a lifetime and grew even closer than ever. Her role as “pharmacist” coordinating medications for the patients was an amazing growth opportunity and life experience. Seeing other children her age living and playing in circumstances and conditions much different than ours provided us with a deeper gratitude for our freedoms and privilege at home. We were also filled with a profound appreciation for simple necessities like clean water, which is a precarious situation for most in Africa. However, thanks to donations provided by readers like you through charity:water, we witnessed these same school-aged children smiling, cheerful and able to face each day with confidence. The only question now is: When will you uncover your own amazing life experience?

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