We Did It! Together, We Raised $1 Million for 100 Wells for Ethiopia!

The Smile Generation® and our partner charity: water want to thank you for helping us surpass our $1 MILLION goal to build 100 wells for Ethiopia. We’re happy to report that more than 10,000 individual donations were made to over 250 campaigns. Every CEREC® CAD/CAM crown performed, orthodontic treatment start, and donation made will fund wells that will forever change the lives of more than 25,000 deserving people in Tigray, Ethiopia. Together, we’re providing clean, accessible water, and quality time to invest toward a brighter future.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey.

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12 Responses to “We Did It! Together, We Raised $1 Million for 100 Wells for Ethiopia!”

  1. what a wonderful blessing you will receive for helping people that can’t help themselves.If more organizations would do the same. People in third world countries would have better living conditions

  2. I hope to help again in future, and if everyone gave a dollar it could help to create more wells in more places.

  3. God is good.

  4. It is so amazing to know we each played a part in changing lives! The blessings we share to create a smile is an awesome feeling!

  5. LETS DO It again it brings a smile to my face to see happy children drinking clean water, I know how good and precious our water is, we can do more, lets get them new chalk board and school supplies Betty Carlson

  6. How great! It would be nice to see video of the actual wells however or a listing of them for obvious reasons. .

  7. What a Wonderful Gift of Love. . .Pray Blessings on those who receive and those who give. Glad I could be part of it.

  8. Great Job now lets do it again for another 30 wells I’m in for the first ten dollars if you do it again. This is wonderful in a world where so much bad things are reported, I hope they put this on the news. John

  9. I’ve always wanted to be a part of helping with this sort of thing, and am grateful that you worked out a way for so many people to help by simply having dental work done by one of the sponsoring Dentists. I feel good about this fine thing you have done to help so many people.

  10. I’m happy for the people in Ethiopia !

  11. Dr. Clayton – This is amazing to think that 130 wells will be built to help these needy people. But…How are these funds tracked to be certain that they are being used for the purpose in which they were intended? Thank you for a reply. Phyllis Minkus – phyllis.minkus@gmail.com

    • Hi Phyllis I am in charge of all of the social responsibility for the Smile Generation and help great doctors like Dr. Clayton get involved serving in their communities and around the world. Thank you for your question about the 100 wells campaign and charity water. I wanted to let you know that we have worked with charity: water for over 4 years and have seen first hand the actual wells that have been built from generous donors like you. I’ve even tasted the clean water coming out of the pipe in Ethiopia. For more information on the charity: water process and to know exactly where your dollars go here is a great description of it via charity: water. Click on the link for more information. http://www.charitywater.org/d2p/

      Thanks for your support and let us know if you have any more questions.