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Earth Day Recycle

Earth Day Has Us Going Green

Each year on Earth Day people gather all over the world to take action toward preserving our planet. In honor of the holiday, we made a list of our favorite ways to be kind to the environment and our wallets. Power Down: Unplugging devices and turning power-strips off at night will save electricity. Ditch Disposable: […]

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February is Heart Health Month!

Did you know February is Heart Health Month? Reason #1 that’s important: one in four people die of heart disease in the U.S. every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Reason #2 that’s important: studies show 84% of people with cardiovascular disease also have gum (periodontal) disease.  

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sugar tooth

Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Kids’ Foods?

Healthy resolutions abound in the new year! This year, make oral health in your family a priority by not only by brushing and flossing regularly, but by making healthy snack choices for yourself and your kids. Healthier options are not only better for your overall health but also your oral health. The chart below shows […]

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Halloween Candy- Pumpkin

Halloween Candy and Kids’ Oral Health

What is more paradoxical than Halloween candy and your children’s oral health? We brought in a Smile Generation®-trusted Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Isabel Simpson at Every Kids Dentist & Orthodontics in Surprise, AZ to shed some light on the dilemma candy brings to our teeth and offer the best options.

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Falling Into Season With Healthy Fall Recipes

Whether you are starting to see the leaves change color, feel the air getting crisper or notice the influx of football games on your television – it’s a clear sign that fall has arrived!

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Keeping Kids Active During Summer Break

Help your kids stay healthy and active during the summer months Summer break is almost here: a thought that brings joy to kids and maybe a little anxiety to parents. But summer activities for kids are important, especially these days in the screen age. Kids need to be active every day, whether school is in […]

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Water Works Wonders For Your Oral Health

You may know about some of the benefits of water. You may even understand to some degree the key role water plays in promoting good oral health. After all, it’s a little hard to brush your teeth without it. But taking a moment to get a little more granular with good old h20, water also […]

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The What, Why, When and Where of Women’s Health Checkups

National Women’s Health Week May 14 – 20, 2017 With National Women’s Health Week here, it’s the perfect time to schedule a health checkup—even if you feel just fine. Why? Regular health exams and tests can help find problems early or even before they start, when your chances for treatment are better. The right health […]

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A Primer on Proactively Preventing Disease

Just in Time for National Women’s Health Week Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14 and if you’re a mom, we hope you have the best, most relaxing, enjoyable, loving Mother’s Day ever… because the next day, we want you to get busy! Mother’s Day kicks off National Women’s Health Week, and we’re encouraging all women […]

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National Women’s Health Week

Mark your calendars! Mother’s Day is March 14. But don’t just mark the day—mark the whole week! May 14-20, 2017 is National Women’s Health Week. Did you know an overwhelming amount of research links oral health with overall health? In fact, gum (periodontal) disease has been linked to several other health conditions, including heart disease, […]

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