Tips to Get Young Children to Brush Their Teeth

For this week’s Ask A Dentist column, our pediatric dentist shares tips on how he gets his young children to brush their teeth. The question was sent in by  blogger and mom Romina C. from California, who recently blogged about National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Here are two of oral health-related questions that she sent over to Smile Generation-trusted dentist Eric Ellis, DMD.

Tips to Get Little Kids to Brush Teeth

R: What tips/tricks have you heard parents use to get young children to brush their teeth?

DR. E:  “Being a father of four year old twins some days were easier than others.  Creating a routine worked well with us.  When they were little we were more successful in the evenings, and we would do everything in the same order before going to bed.  Potty, wash hands and face, followed by singing a song while brushing and flossing our teeth.  Of course some days we did better than others, but the kids eventually understood the routine and became active participants, even in the singing.  For older kids, allowing the kids to pick a special toothbrush or toothpaste from your local retail store may create enough interest to become more successful.”

R: What about mouthwash?

DR. E:  “Mouthwash can be effective as well. Mouthwash should be only utilized if the product is designed for children and the child can effectively spit out the rinse. Please only use only as directed by your pediatric dentist and in the guardian’s presence.”

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2 Responses to “Tips to Get Young Children to Brush Their Teeth”

  1. This is great. Having routine is nice so that these kids will know that they have to do those stuffs before going to bed, It’ll registered in their minds that they have to do that being getting into the bed. From that, you won’t have a hard time for them to follow. Making sure that they brush their teeth well is important, that is why guidance and check up should be observed.

  2. Very good tips to help children with their first cavity. Going to the dentist is traumatic enough in it’s own right.