The Mouth-Body Connection™: a path to oral and overall health care

oral health care

Research has shown that more than 120 systemic diseases originate in the mouth.1 But did you know many Smile Generation®-trusted offices are using a cutting-edge technology that can help patients identify their risk for these diseases? MyPerioPath®, by OralDNA® Labs, is a salivary test that identifies high risk, disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. Smile Generation-trusted dentists believe in The Mouth-Body Connection™, a proactive and preventive approach to overall health that addresses the conditions that start in the mouth. By partnering with OralDNA® Labs, patients have access to a more in-depth understanding of their oral ecosystem through MyPerioPath® testing. With a personalized treatment approach, patients have the opportunity to manage the risk associated with the bacteria that causes periodontal (gum) disease. Gum Disease that is left untreated can increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and is closely associated with other diseases and conditions such as stroke, diabetes and birth complications.

Visible signs of inflammation stemming from bacteria in the gums are swelling, redness and bleeding when brushing or flossing. A visit to a Smile Generation-trusted dentist and a simple salivary sample test will guide the best treatment plan for you!


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