Pointers On Pacifiers For New Parents

Pointers On Pacifiers For New Parents

Expectant parents often begin coming up with baby names on day one. It’s fun! But it may not be quite as fun as coming up with pacifier names. Consider the following examples from this official list, which includes Binky, Passy, BeeBee, Bobber, Booba, and Nipper. Of course, some just call it The Mute Button. All kidding aside, pacifiers pose some serious questions. And in the interest of helping placate your precious papoose, we now point you to some health-conscious answers.

The Advantages of Using A Pacifier

  • Help baby feel secure and happy
  • Offer a soothing affect (hence the name, of course)
  • Possible protective effects against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

But Binkys Can Also Have A Bad Side

  • May cause nipple confusion when used before baby gets used to breastfeeding
  • Can become a habit which you eventually have to help your baby break

Pacifier Precautions

  • Don’t dip the pacifier in anything sweet like sugar or honey which increases the risk of tooth decay
  • No strings or ribbons attached—literally, they can be a choking hazard
  • Lay off the latex – babies may have allergic reactions to latex; silicone is safer
  • Adults should avoid cleaning the pacifiers by sucking on them. You can potentially transfer cavity-causing bacteria to your baby

Some parents wonder if a pacifier today means a big orthodontic bill down the road. The American Dental Association says pacifiers essentially affect the teeth the same way thumb sucking does—and both may cause a problem with alignment if usage continues after permanent teeth come in. On the plus side, pacifiers are an easier habit for your kiddo to break. After all, you can always throw a binky in the booboo can.

Find out more about the history, advantages, disadvantages and other issues associated with pacifier use. Or get the poop (figuratively speaking, of course) in person and talk with a Smile Generation-trusted pediatric dentist today!

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