Orthodontists See Adult Patients Too


Remember when he had braces?

Years ago, it would be difficult to find an adult with braces. In the past, braces were something for privileged children. In today’s world, the lower costs and higher emphasis placed on looks has inspired more adults to seek the help of an orthodontist. Traditionally, people wore braces for about two years. Today, an orthodontist may present accelerated braces to adults who want to adjust their teeth more quickly.
Based on the most recent data, about one out of every five patients an orthodontist sees is an adult. Adults are more likely to feel conscious about wearing braces and seek methods of accelerating the procedure. While most treatments last for two years or longer, the accelerated treatment lasts for under one year.
While it is a cosmetic procedure, accelerated braces also contribute to the overall health of the mouth. A dentist or orthodontist would agree that straight teeth are not only attractive, but the ability to effectively bite, chew, and speak with straight teeth contributes to good health.
There are aspects of the procedure that some patients do not like. For instance, the procedure requires minor surgery performed by a periodontist after the braces are applied. The procedure alters the gums and bones holding the teeth in place. This allows the teeth to realign more quickly. Though the procedure is painless, there is some irritation and an ‘itching’ sensation that occurs due to the swift repositioning of teeth.
Accelerated braces can be an alternative in most cases where an orthodontist recommends braces. The procedure has been successful and is widely offered, yet there are no long-term studies done due to how new the procedure is to the field.
The cost of treatment is similar to traditional treatment even though the accelerated procedure takes less time. This is because doctors, including an orthodontist and periodontist, are involved. The treatment is not usually covered by insurance, but a patient can check their individual plans to see if any financial help is applicable.
Talk to your dentist about the procedure if changing the position and shape of your teeth is something that interests you. It’s a smart investment.

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