Five Thoughts On Life After Oral Cancer

The best thing to be said about life after oral cancer is that yes, there is in fact life after oral cancer. If that describes you—congratulations! Now that the scary part is behind you, here are some questions and concerns you may have about making the most of your life after cancer surgery.

  1. Your cancer diet may transition into a more long-term approach to healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Implementing even small improvements to your diet and limiting your alcohol intake can offer many health benefits in addition to lowering your risk for a number of different types of cancers.
  1. Healthy lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of cancer’s return. For example, tobacco and alcohol use have been clearly linked to oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers—something to consider if you smoke or drink.
  1. Exercise anyone? Great idea; just check with your health care team before starting anything. And consider getting a buddy to go along with you so you’re not doing it alone. It may just provide the extra boost of support to keep you going when motivation wanes.
  1. What are the chances of getting another type of cancer? Unfortunately, the fact that you’ve had one type of cancer doesn’t mean you can’t get another—which is all the more reason to make healthy lifestyle habits a priority.
  1. How’s your mental health? Don’t feel like you have to deal with everything on your own. If you have friends and family you feel may help, let them help. Cancer support groups can still be an invaluable source of help and friendship, even in the post cancer stage.
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