How the Rest of the World Brushes Their Teeth from Mother Nature Network

On the Mother Nature Network, healthy writer Judd Handler writes: How is it that some people who have never used a toothbrush have also never had a cavity?
Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“There’s a 99 percent chance you are not super rich. But there is a good chance that you are part of the orally hygienic elite 1 percent.

While it’s common in the U.S. and other developed countries to use nylon and electronic toothbrushes, most of the world’s population, especially indigenous cultures and developing countries, still use old-world techniques to keep their teeth clean — if they use anything at all.

But are modern oral hygiene products and techniques infinitely better than the sticks, animal bristles and bones, twigs, feathers and porcupine quills that non-first-world societies used centuries ago — or continue to use today — to clean their teeth?”

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