Every Kid’s Dentist San Tan Valley: A Patient’s Review

This post was written by a patient of Every Kid’s Dentist San Tan Valley, Daniella Indie. Daniella is a mother of 4 and resident of Arizona.

For most adults, going to the dentist is a chore. But taking your kids to the dentist? Ha! Forget it! Visions of tantrums and other horrible things…

But not for my kids. My kids LOVE to go to the dentist, and if we drive past the office without stopping, they start pestering me: “Mom! How many months has it been since I went? When do I get to see Dr. Lee again? I want to show him my teeth!”

We chose Every Kid’s Dentist in San Tan Valley because I needed a place where I could bring all four of my kids (a feat in-and-of itself!) and feel comfortable letting them just be kids. Additionally, Jonathan, our 8-year-old with high-functioning autism, has a lot of little quirks and I wanted an office that would be patient and understanding with him.

I also wanted to have an office that employed a pediatric dentist. This was important to me because pediatric dentists have completed extra training after becoming a dentist to specifically work with kids. It’s like the difference between taking your baby to a general family doctor or taking them to a pediatrician. Yes, many things are the same in adults and babies, but the pediatrician is specialized to care for babies and likely knows more about babies than a general practitioner. Similarly, pediatric dentists are like teeth pediatricians: they know how to care for all kinds of teeth, but ESPECIALLY little teeth!

After checking their website and doing a phone interview to make sure this was the right office for our family, I made an appointment for my oldest three: Jonathan, Hannah, and Josh (7, 5, and 3 at the time). I really liked that Every Kid’s Dentist had fun little cartoons and virtual tours of their offices for my kids to watch so they felt more familiar with going to their appointment. They especially like this one:

I think we watched it every day for a week leading up to the kids’ appointment! And the repetition did help them feel confident and comfortable heading to their first cleaning.

The office was bright, clean, and totally kid friendly. There were low, colorful ottomans placed near a toy table, a small video game room, a bookshelf, and a TV (playing Nick Jr.).

Each child was led to the x-ray room with their very own hygienist. All three of the hygienists were fantastic with the kids, from Jonathan wanting to see and touch and ask about everything, to Josh who just doesn’t understand “sit still,” they were all patient and upbeat and kind.

One thing I LOVE about this office is the family exam room. There are a bunch of chairs all in a row, so the kids can all be seen simultaneously. No waiting for each child’s 30 minute appointment…all three went in at once, all three were done at once. SOOO great for our family!  In the exam room, each kid was given their own special sunglasses to wear, and they were given some choices on what to watch while they had their cleaning. Much to my chagrin, they chose SpongeBob. But the individual screens over each chair kept them entertained!

Dr. Lee came in and introduced himself to Anthony and I. He chatted with us about the kids’ general health and any questions or concerns we had about their teeth. He was very through and gave us some tips on brushing and flossing (four kids a night is daunting!). When he moved over to examine the kids, he was very upbeat and fun, chatting and telling the kids what he was doing. I really appreciated him giving Jonathan a “preview” of what his exam would be like by letting him watch Hannah’s exam (Hannah is our calm, easy child!) first. Jonathan did great. I did have to hold his hands on his belly because he wanted to “help” hold the instruments, but it wasn’t a struggle and he wasn’t scared.

We LOVE Dr. Lee!

All told, all three kids were in and out in less than 30 minutes, which was unexpected and amazing!

If you have been looking for the right place to take your kiddos, I highly recommend finding an Every Kid’s Dentist office! If you live outside of Arizona, then you’ll want to look for a My Kid’s Dentist office.

This review has been based on my personal experiences with Every Kid’s Dentist and I am not being paid or otherwise compensated to provide a positive review.


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