Enhancing Patient Safety By Using Digital Dental X-Rays

You may have seen recent news coverage scrutinizing dental film X-rays and their link to brain tumors. We wanted to assure you that our Smile Generation-approved offices, in fact, use the safer Digital X-rays!

The Smile Generation today reaffirms its commitment to patient safety. Since Smile Generation’s launch in 2004, all Smile Generation-approved dental offices have been equipped with Digital dental X-ray systems, lowering the risks of radiation and enhancing overall patient care. The Smile Generation-approved offices also have computer systems in place to produce, manage and store secure electronic dental records.

According to Schick Technologies, a leader in digital imaging, patients can experience up to 90% less radiation by having Digital X-rays taken while also spending less time in the dental chair.

“We are committed to patients’ safety and their overall well-being,” said Matt Hall, director of marketing, for Smile Generation. “As we planned our Smile Generation approval process for offices, we had specific criteria and essential modern technologies – such as Digital X-rays – that we wanted to make sure were utilized at each office. We are dedicated to ensuring that each Smile Generation-approved office environment enables patients to feel safe, to trust their dental care team and to have the best experience possible.”

Having Digital X-ray images and dental records that are stored electronically is beneficial to both the patient and the clinician. The use of clear, digital dental images can improve patient communication, help patients better understand their options and allow the clinician to provide a more effective diagnosis. The digitized images and records can also be shared with other clinicians and specialists located within each Smile Generation-approved office. Working together, clinicians and specialists can provide more comprehensive patient care.



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