Will a Dentist Chew You Out Over Gum?

It is a pastime of people of all ages. We are tempted to grab some at the checkout lines, we pop it in after meals, and we offer it to friends. Chewing gum is a common practice. It is so regularly done that we may not think much about it; yet, what would our dentists say about the practice of chewing gum? Is chewing gum bad for our teeth or can we carelessly pop the next piece into our mouths without feeling guilty? The answer is yes and no.

Chewing gum with sugar can be bad for teeth. Dentists may frown upon chewing gum that contains a lot of sugar just as quickly as they would in regard to food and drinks with high sugar contents. Sugar can eat away at your teeth, make the enamel weaker, and facilitate the formation of cavities.
Chewing gum can be habit forming. Most likely adults who habitually chew gum have been doing so since childhood. Sugarless gum is available, yet it is up to consumers to make the differentiation and action in seeking it.

While sugary gum is bad for your teeth, sugarless gum can facilitate healthy teeth. For one, chewing gum stimulates saliva production. Saliva washes the teeth as well as neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria. In addition, ingredients in some gums can help combat bad breath.

So, will your dentist furrow their brow over your gum chewing habits? It may depend on you. Chewing gum with sugar in moderation is probably okay, yet your dentist may advise you to attempt to replace your sugary gum with sugarless gum.

During your next visit, ask your dentist about their take on gum. They may provide good information about brands that are better for your oral health.

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