Talk to Your Dentist About Wisdom Teeth

Do you take a proactive or reactionary approach to your teeth?  Some people actively ask questions and engage their dentist when visiting, while others take a more passive approach.  A dentist will improve your mouth and smile regardless of your temperament, yet it may make you feel more at ease by asking your dentist questions about your mouth and teeth.  For instance, it is common for a person to have their wisdom teeth removed.  This can happen as a teenager, in early adulthood, or not at all.  You may wonder about your wisdom teeth and if they are influencing your other teeth.  Talk to your dentist about your particular situation.

Your dentist will tell you each person’s predicament is different.  A person may be born without wisdom teeth.  Another person may have ‘impacted’ wisdom teeth, meaning they are not visible, yet exist below the gums, creating an opportunity for infection if food residue gets in the gums.  Another person’s wisdom teeth may begin to influence orthodontist work performed earlier in their life.  Another person’s wisdom teeth may grow in, yet there is enough room in their mouth for them.  In some cases, your dentist will suggest the removal of the wisdom teeth.

The eventual presence of wisdom teeth is a good reason to continue to see your dentist regularly throughout your late teens and early twenties.  Such is a time when many people handle their own affairs and don’t have their parents or care takers nagging them about keeping appointments. 

The arrival of wisdom teeth can cause infection or damage to existing teeth, so it is important to continue to see your dentist for their professional care and opinion.  In worst-case scenarios, fluid-filled growths called cysts can develop, which can cause permanent damage to bones, teeth, and nerves.

Please be sure to maintain regular appointments with your dentist.  Visit your family dentist every six months for checkups and call for an appointment is any pain, discomfort, or injury occurs.  It is okay to take a proactive approach towards your mouth and teeth.  Your dentist will be happy to answer any questions regarding your wisdom teeth or other topic.

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