Don’t Deny a Dentist a Toothache Visit

You have been doing well.  You brush regularly, floss just about as often as you should, and visit the dentist every six months.  The health of your teeth is something you don’t have to worry about.  What about that nagging and increasingly painful feeling in your mouth?  Do you have a toothache but think it will go away or you can wait until your next scheduled visit to the dentist?

Toothaches may seem common, yet there could be a serious underlying cause of the discomfort.  Some of the major causes may be a cracked tooth, dental cavity, exposed tooth root, or gum disease.  In some rare cases, a toothache may be a symptom of an issue in a totally different part of the body.  It is good practice to stop waiting and see a dentist.

The most common causes of aches are cavities.  Cavities are holes that develop in the outer layers of the tooth.  The hole bores through two layers: the enamel and dentin.  The former is the outer-most layer of the tooth and the dentin is the yellowish layer beneath the enamel.  Small holes may go unnoticed by a person until they see the dentist, yet larger holes can cause opportunities for food to get stuck.  The underlying root behind the dentin can begin to get irritated by mouth bacteria or particular foods.

A cracked tooth is another common cause of tooth pain.  Chewing food along the area of the tooth fracture can cause sharp discomfort.  A fracture can be caused by engaging in sports or chewing on hard foods such as candy and nuts.  In most cases, a crown is used to protect the tooth, yet if pain persists, a dentist will usually opt for a root canal procedure.

Most common results of toothaches result from teeth issues a person cannot resolve at their home.  The person will experience the most comfort letting a dentist address the situation.  However, there are some things you can do at home until an appointment is made.

–          Apply cold compress (a bag of ice) to the cheek.

–          Rinse your mouth out with salt water

–          Use floss to remove any food particles from an area

–          Take aspirin to rid yourself of minor pain

A person can leverage the above, yet it is important to get to a dentist quickly so the condition does not worsen.

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