CDA Suggests Everyone “Rethink Your Drink”

The California Dental Association (CDA) suggests everyone “rethink your drink” in order to help prevent cavities caused by sugary drinks. The CDA is a non-profit organization representing organized dentistry in California.

As summertime temperatures are going up, the California Dental Association encourages you to “rethink your drink” before downing a sugary beverage to quench your thirst. While the media often focuses on the risks of obesity and diabetes, it’s important to realize that drinking sugar-filled sodas, sports drinks or juices can contribute to tooth decay and dental pain. According to the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, the average American consumes 50 gallons of soda and other sweetened beverages each year. What’s more, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show more than 19 percent of children ages 2-19 have untreated cavities.

Bacteria feed on what you eat and drink, especially sugars, and creates acid that can break down the tooth’s outer surface and dissolve the valuable minerals that protect teeth from decay.

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