A Mouth Guard Could Save a Trip to the Dentist

The last thing on your mind when you’re practicing, training, or scoring the winning touchdown, is your teeth. Teeth are fragile and can easily be chipped or fractured during a sporting accident. Taking precautions, such as wearing a mouth guard, can save an athlete a trip to the dentist.

Accidents are not as unlikely as one may think. Sports involve intense movements which can result in minor and major injuries. Think of all the precautionary equipment used in football; injuries still occur on a regular basis at the high school, college, and professional levels. Not all sports are as physical as football, yet levels of intensity can remain the same, resulting in injuries to the head, mouth, and other parts of the body.

A trip to the dentist due to sports injuries can be avoided through the use of a mouth guard. The experience of sustaining an injury can be painful and the bills to have corrective procedures performed by a dentist can be costly. Accidents happen, yet there are measures to take to ensure you are doing what you can to minimize the chances of something happening to your mouth and teeth.

A mouth guard is inexpensive and convenient. A sports player can purchase one at a sporting goods store, boil it, and place it in their mouth to let its shape adopt to that of their mouth. You can ask your dentist if there is a brand that they suggest since it is likely they have dealt with patient sporting injuries in the past.

Taking small precautions can save you big consequences when playing sports. Purchase a mouth guard and save yourself an unscheduled trip to the dentist office.

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