The True Cost of Crowns: CEREC® CAD/CAM Versus Traditional Metal

Beautiful, durable, permanent and convenient, CEREC CAD/CAM crowns and fillings are fast-gaining popularity over metal. Thinking of getting a crown? Smile Generation®-trusted dentists have performed more CEREC CAD/CAM same-day crowns than anyone else in the world*.

USA TODAY recently posted an article about CEREC (pronounced se-rick)  CAD/CAM crowns that positively sheds light on how the technology has changed the way dental restorations are done.  You now have a choice of what kind of crown goes in your mouth; CEREC CAD/CAM allows you to get a permanent, beautiful crown in one single visit. No more unsightly metal and no need to wait. Want to learn more about CEREC CAD/CAM crowns?

Check out these interesting facts:

  • CEREC CAD/CAM stands for Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Typical types of crown material include solid porcelain, Zirconia, porcelain fused to metal and gold
  • CEREC CAD/CAM technology makes crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges and custom abutments
  • There are over 450 Smile Generation-trusted dental offices nationwide that offer CEREC CAD/CAM technology
  • Smile Generation-trusted dentists perform over 150,000 CEREC CAD/CAM crowns per year and are the most experienced in the world with over 1 million CEREC CAD/CAM placements in the last seven years*
  • The Smile Generation® donates money to charity: water for every CEREC CAD/CAM crown performed

The benefits of CEREC CAD/CAM versus traditional treatment options:

  • Permanent solution and more natural-looking, durable and precise-fitting than metal
  • Functions and wears like a natural tooth with superb color matching
  • Can be completed in less than two hours and in one single dental visit
  • Digital impressions are taken with an intraoral camera – no gooey mess involved
  • A machine mills your crown while you wait – no waiting for your crown to come back from the lab; walk out the door in one visit with a beautiful, permanent crown
  • Proven strength and stability and non-toxic to surrounding tissues
  • Covered by most dental insurances

*Based on volume of CEREC CAD/CAM crowns performed by over 450 Smile Generation-trusted dental offices to date as verified by Sirona Dental.

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3 Responses to “The True Cost of Crowns: CEREC® CAD/CAM Versus Traditional Metal”

  1. Sitting in a Modern Dentistry office right now waiting on my new CEREC crown. The whole process has been very streamlined and I am impressed with this office and its doctors and staff.

  2. I am a patient of your clinic. Have been told on a previous visit that I need a crown.
    First could you tell me specific tooth that needs a crown and with $200.00 discount what would be my total cost. Is it cheaper to to not use my insurance.
    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Brad King

    • Hello Brad. Thank you for reaching out. Dental treatment cost can vary based on many factors, so we recommend you speak with your office directly to determine the best course of action.