Ask an Orthodontist: Can I Wear A Retainer While Playing Sports?

The Smile Generation connects you with great dentists and orthodontists, like our regular “Ask an Orthodontist” contributor, Dr. Ron Maddox. This week’s question comes from Laura Chavarria, who asked:” I just got my braces removed and am now wearing plastic retainers. I just wanted to know if it was okay to wear my retainer during sports such as volleyball?”

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Here’s is Dr. Maddox’s reply:

Dear Laura,

Being a volleyball player, you must have been very excited to watch the Olympics & see how well the USA women’s teams performed! Now that you have a “Gold Medal” smile it is super important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions about retainer wear.  Most doctors would recommend wearing your retainers “full time” for the first 6 to 12 months after your braces are removed except when you are brushing, flossing or eating. When it comes to non-contact sports, I recommend that patients wear their retainers during practice, but leave them out during competition—we do not want you to miss a spike against the opposing team because your retainer popped out!

Any chance we will see you playing in Brazil in 2016?

Keep on Smiling!

Dr. M



    Dr. Ron Maddox  has been practicing dentistry for over 22 years. He is a practicing orthodontist at Crossroads Dental Group, a Smile Generation-approved office, in     Upland, CA. He also enjoys surfing, golf, music and photography.

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2 Responses to “Ask an Orthodontist: Can I Wear A Retainer While Playing Sports?”

  1. What about in soccer? Should I wear my retainer

    • Hi Sky,

      We recommend you consult a dentist or orthodontist for an answer to when and where to wear your retainer.